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Sugar wax, or sugar waxing, is a process of using some sort of sugary substance in the process of rooming hair from one’s body.  The process is similar to “regular” waxing, but instead of using a wax-based material, you use a sugar-based material as well.  Have you ever spilled some pop (or soda, depending on what part of the country you are from) on the table, or on the floor.  What happens if you don’t do a good enough job cleaning it up?  You get a sticky residue.  That sticky residue is from the corn starch and high fructose corn syrup (similar to sugar) which are contained within the liquid.  Sugaring isn’t all that different.  The sugar wax substance is applied to the area of the body where hair is no longer wanted, a cloth is applied to the air, the sugar dries a bit, clings to the cloth and to your hairs well, and then BAM, it’s ripped off of your body (your hope is that the sugar doesn’t stick to your skin too much…that way there will be less pain).  As you can imagine though, just like regular waxing, this process is painful.


The number one alternative to sugar waxing is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal lasts much longer, and it is less painful.  Laser hair removal may sound like a daunting item for most people; however, most people don’t realize that laser hair removal is now available at home, and at an affordable price. Tria makes a laser hair removal device which can be purchased and used in the privacy of your own house. It is the ONLY FDA CLEARED at-home laser device. If you would like more information about the products Tria offers, watch the video below and/or click the banner below….what do you have to lose, besides unwanted hair!


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